Secure Cloud Storage With Google and Encfs on Ubuntu

Before we start let me say that I am not a big fan of storing private data in the cloud. And even if you do there might be better solutions to protect your data then what i will describe here.

I’ve chosen to use Google drive for this example. So there will be some Google drive specifics. But this should work with practically any cloud storage provider.

First you are going to have to have a application available that can mount your cloud storage as a local resource. I have chosen to use Insync. But you could use something like Grive instead.

Setup EncFS:

$ sudo apt-get install encfs

Install a cloud sync tool:

$ sudo dpkg -i insync_1.0.32.31767-trusty_amd64.deb

When the initial sync is done we have all the ingredients ready. So it’s time to create some encrypted space inside the cloud container. No need to create a directory because encfs will do this as well.

$ encfs ~/[some-path]/[user]/encrypted ~/Private

Store the encryption key in a save place. And we are done with the encryption part. The only thing to do is setup auto mounting.

$ hg clone
$ cd gnome-encfs
$ sudo install gnome-encfs /usr/local/bin
$ gnome-encfs -a ~/[some-path]/[user]/encrypted ~/Private
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