Recruiter Rant

While doing our routine sprint retrospective today. We got interrupted by our office manager Wendy. An important phone call for me. Hmm… Should have known.

I picked up the phone. And the guy (Amoria Bond) on the other end immediately started his sales pitch. O shit another one of those nasty recruiters. So after listening to him for a few seconds i quickly interrupted him. Told him i was not interested in a new job at all. And that he was a jerk and extremely unprofessional for calling me at the office. Completely unaware (or maybe intentionally?) what impact this might have if for instance my manager picks up the phone. Besides it’s just plain rude.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not a rant for nothing. I don’t hate recruiters. And have worked with some professional ones in the past. I’ve always enjoyed communicating with linda-lotte while she was still working for Recruit4it. And the guys at Starapple are OK as well. But this guy today really pissed me off with his aggressive unmannered approach. It’s a shame i didn’t catch his name while i was in rant mode. But please don’t ever call me again.


It seems to be some form of new tactic to call developers in the office where they work. This happened a couple of times more after this post. So this is for the next recruiter that calls me in the office. I’ll personally come over and kick your ass!!

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