Jquery Unrecognized Expression Error

While doing some front end work yesterday. I got trapped by a jQuery issue. Well not JQuery specific. The issue was actually triggered by some other hand crafted code. Every time i would click a link inside my grid view firebug would throw an error.

uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .

And the markup that triggered the error was

<a href="" class="zipDownload"><span class="icon_zipSmall"></span></a>

Nothing wrong there right? And it actually took my quite some time to figure this one out. It would be nice to have a tool that can tell you there are multiple click events assigned to a element? But for now it was just some manual searching and testing.

The issue was caused by an other snippet of Javascript code inside another .js file. This piece of code attached a click event to every div inside a grid td. Which may be a bit to greedy.

$('.admin .gridbg tr td span').click(function() {

And my link was in a nested td inside the grid. And also contained a span tag. So it was actually firing off two click events. From which one failed. Fixing it after that was easy. Either make the first click binding less greedy. Or change the markup of my second grid. I choose the last one.

<a href="http://lenss.nl" class="zipDownload icon_zipSmall"></a>
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