So was offline Thursday for about 5 hours. When i was getting ready for the DPC11 tutorial day i got a notification that one of my servers was down. So i quickly setup a ssh connection. And that still seemed to work. The only thing off was. Apache wasn’t running anymore. So tried a restart. And was unpleasantly surprised by the result. Which looked something like this.

/usr/sbin/apache2ctl line 82 (core dumped) $HTTPD ${APACHE_ARGUMENTS} -k $ARGV

Googling didn’t provide any useful information about the issue. So i contacted support and asked them to take a look at it. So i could move in the direction of the DPC11. After some horrible traffic and a closed road due to an accident. I finally made it to the DPC 2 hours late. But when i plugged my laptop in i noticed apache was still not running. Contacted support again. They couldn’t find any serious issues. I already missed the first part of “Optimizing MySQL Essentials”. So decided to do the tutorial first.

While i was sitting there i got the idea of disabling the apache modules. Which turned out to be a good idea. So after the tutorial session finished i logged in to the server. Disabled all apache modules and got apache working again. After some testing the cause of the problem seemed to be the Google mod_pagespeed apache module. That’s the second time this happened after a upgrade. Will leave it disabled for now.

On a side note.. Where is all the direct traffic coming from all of the sudden?

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