VMware Workstation Listen to Voice of the Customer

A while back i was contacted by Vijay Laxmi. Vijay is a Sr Partner Marketing Manager over at Zend Technologies. And she was interested in doing a podcast like interview about the brand new and shiny VMWare & Zend Studio integration. And because i am a big fan of this feature. I didn’t see why not. So we had a few chat sessions. Along the way Joshua Solomin from Zend and Michael Paiko from VMWare joined the party. And after some preparation we recorded the session. Considering i have never been much of a speaker. This was quite fun to do.

Michael send me the end result. And everybody seemed happy with it. After that life resumed and i have been incredibly busy every since. So i kinda forgot about the whole thing. Till Vijay mailed me today (ty! Vijay). VMWare put the recording on their website. And a customer mailing has been transmitted over the wire. Cool stuff!

2011-02-07 VMware-Zend VOC Podcast

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