Ideas of March

This post has been waiting in my draft list for a few days already. And March is almost over. So better get it out now. Christ Shiflett has an good post about the fact that a lot discussions have moved from the blogosphere to twitter. And this is sad but true. Chris calls for a blog revival. Which i think is a great initiative. And i already blogged a bit more this month then i normally do. I have never been a big fan of twitter my self. Most of the time the stream of information is mind boggling. But i do follow a some interesting people. Which does keep me updated in what happens in the web development world. I prefer a good blog post over any twitter message though.

So Chris Shiflett’s idea is for people to create a blog post called Ideas of March that:

  • Lists some reasons why you like blogs (Read below)

  • pledge to blog more the rest of the month (Working on it)

  • share your thoughts on twitter with the #ideasofmarch hashtag (Done!)

I like blogs because .. they offer me a platform where i can express my self without any limitations. And because more people tend to have this need to express them self. It leads to a great flow of valuable and creative information. Combine that with the ability to interact with a user base. And you have a great platform for having discussions. No need for rushed answers. You can just sit down and reflect your thoughts in a comment and start a discussion with the author. In short i offers freedom.

And .. It’s also a great exercise platform. I myself are not native English speaker. So by blogging in English i tend to improve my own English language knowledge. Plus way more people speak English then Dutch. The second reasons is to improve once writing skills. Not that i have aspirations to become a write one day. but it never hurts to improve your skills.

Besides that it’s a great way to harvest your own thoughts over a period of time. And always have them at your disposal.

So if you read this. Write the Ideas of March post your self. And pledge to do more blogging this month. Some people who have already taken the time to express the thoughts on this initiative can be found below.

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