You Want to Do What With PHP?

I finally took the time to read ‘You want to do what with PHP?’. Normally i would not write about the books i read. But this book is a bit different. And since i won a copy of Kevin Schroeder’s book in a twitter sweepstake. I thought i might as well write a small review to show a bit of gratitude. I will keep it short.

Kevin is Zend Evangelist for products like the Zend Framework, Zend Server, Zend Studio and co writer of the book The IBM i Programmer’s Guide to PHP

It’s been a while since i read a PHP related book. I have been doing PHP based development for the past 10 years. And after reading almost every book of value on this topic. It’s hard to find something interesting to read about it. Most books just go over the basics. Or target a specific project / way of developing.

This book is a bit different from what i have read so far. And it will get a nice place near my other books of value. So what does make this book so different? First of all the topics that pass by are some of the more advanced topics you will come by in the PHP world. A lot of it is related to low level programming. So a bit of experience or interest in this subject is a must. Besides the advanced topics Kevin shows how to solve issues in ways i have never done them before. And that probably comes down to his experience with more low level languages like C.

He touches topics like Networking and sockets, Binary protocols, character encoding, streams, SPL, Asynchronous operations, file access, Daemons, And two great chapters about debugging, good development practises and just how to become a better developer in general. The book has a considerable amount of binary math in it which is cool. And which is also needed when doing things like handling raw TCP/IP and TCP/UDP data, writing stream handlers or creating your own file-system.

Maybe not all of the material touched in the book is relevant to web development. And most of us will probably never have to write an HTTP daemon in PHP. But the way Kevin tackles problems showed me things i never thought of before and new ways to attack old problems.

It gave me some good pointers for a webcrawler i have been working on. As i have wanted to add threading to this for a long time now. Besides that i just had a lot of fun reading this book. And would definitely advocate other developers to read it as well.

Added a review on Amazon as well.

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