Extending My Desktop

Although i am blessed with a nice double 22 inch monitor configuration. I have had this spare monitor sitting on my desk for a while Just asking to be added to the setup. Yesterday i gave it my first shot. It didn’t really go as planned but the result is fine for the moment.

Over the past years i have been a happy user of Compiz and the emerald theme manager. So these were two things i wanted to keep. Well that’s not going to happen. After playing around with xorg.conf for a couple of hours i just couldn’t manage to get the configuration i was looking for.

  1. Single X Screen on the left
  2. Two twinview screens on the right.

I managed to get Compiz to work with the 3 monitor setup. But this resulted in either having one large desktop extending the two 22 inch monitors. Or 3 screen using Compiz but with no possibility of sharing data between the screens. That just sucked. I have to admit this is one thing that just works better on Windows.

So the next was Xinerama. This meant switching Xinerama to “1” in the config and restart X. Voila! Everything works. Well not everything. I have no Compiz effects and no emerald themes. So it’s slightly more ugly looking but it functions perfectly. So i will be keeping this config for now. Until i can either figure out how to get 3 monitors working using Compiz. Or get some effects / cool themes working while using Xinerama.

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