NSD Unknown Key/algorithm

As i was trying to get ready to convert my SVN repository into a GIT repository. I noticed one of my DNS slave servers wasn’t responding. A look at the log files showed something was wrong.

The master server showed:

[1289693117] nsd[6899]: error: query tsig unknown key/algorithm

While the slave displayed the following message

[883615032] nsd[6624]: error: xfrd: zone [ domain ] received error code REFUSED from [ ip address ]

After an hour of searching Google and not hitting any useful result. I rebooted the machine. And was presented by forced hard disk check. The damn thing seemed to be out of sync. And when rebooted. The date was off by a few centuries.

So after resetting the date and restarting NSD. The problem was resolved.

  • $ date -s ‘14 NOV 2010 01:37:00’
  • $ /usr/sbin/nsdc update > /dev/nul 2>%1
  • $ /usr/sbin/nsdc patch > /dev/nul 2>%1
  • $ /usr/sbin/nsdc rebuild > /dev/nul 2>%1
  • $ /usr/sbin/nsdc reload > /dev/nul 2>%1
  • $ /usr/sbin/nsdc notify > /dev/nul 2>%1
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