Month of PHP Security 2010

After a successful experiment a while back Month of the PHP Bugs. Stefan Esser and SektionEins is at it again. This time with Month of PHP Security. A gathering for PHP and security gurus a like. The call for papers is open for submission.

There are some nice prices to walk away with. So what you waiting for?

  • New vulnerability in PHP [1] (not simple safe_mode, open_basedir bypass vulnerabilities)

  • New vulnerability in PHP related software [1] (popular 3rd party PHP extensions/patches)

  • Explain a single topic of PHP application security in detail (such as guidelines on how to store passwords)

  • Explain a complicated vulnerability in/attack against a PHP widespread application [1]

  • Explain a complicated topic of attacking PHP (e.g. explain how to exploit heap overflows in PHP’s heap implementation)

  • Explain how to attack encrypted PHP applications

  • Release of a new open source PHP security tool

  • Other topics related to PHP or PHP application security

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