A New Hobby

A few months ago i got stranded on adda’s website. This stuff looks so interesting. But thinking about building my own gives me sweaty hands. I love to build computers from scratch. But building a motherboard… i don’t see me doing that anytime soon. Even though i have null knowledge of the subject. I decided to give it shot anyway. And ordered the Russian Tube Clock. It arrived pretty fast. But occupied some closet space for at least 3 weeks. I however managed to push my self into building this thing. So here goes.

When you unpack the whole thing and lay it out on a table it looks pretty impressive. And at this point i got the feeling i would never get this to work. But thank god for the internet. I quickly found some nice hand held guides to guide me through it.

I will not bother you with all specifics. because i can’t :) And for that you should read here and here Or just order the kit and give it a shot. it’s great. So after burning my self i managed to get the first set of components mounted properly on top of the PCB.

The only problem i encountered (and it spoiled most of the project) was the soldering iron. Which was a mess to start of with. And it was way to big for this delicate work. The result was my soldering didn’t look that proper as you can see in the image below.

The hardest part was to get the tube mounted correctly. One end of the tube is a spring of wires that need to be attached to a jack on the smaller PCB. It’s a time consuming and tedious job to do. But i think i managed. Although not all wires are as straight as they should have been.

It finally starts to look like something. After hooking it up to some power and running some tests. I was ready to build the outer casing.

The outer casing is a simple design. Done in Plexiglas. It looks simple. But it was a struggle to get the thing assembled.

After my struggle with the casing i switched the tube on. And was greeted by a nice blue/greenish color and a beep. The color is a bit different from what is shown on the main site. But that has something to do with the tubes i read. The brightness is adjustable so that’s no problem. As you can see i still miss one time delimiter. And the menu is still not function 100%. But the clock works. And i can set the alarm.

I had so much fun building this thing. that i ordered a new soldering iron. And will be doing a new attempt soon!

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