Firefox's Weird Black Borders

A few weeks a go i was working on a new blog to replace the current Wordpress software. The last two weeks however i had no time to work on it. So last night when i couldn’t sleep i loaded the site from my SVn repo. And when i opened it in firefox i was suprised to see some weird black borders around some page elements. After checking my CSS i confirmed it was not created by any CSS on the page.


After an hour i got frustrated and went to bed. So this morning i was looking at it. An noticed a horizontal scrollbar. That shouldn’t be there i thought. And when i looked closy at the images on the page they looked correlated. It was like the page was zoomed in. Then it hit me. Firefox has a new zoom function. So after hitting

View > Zoom > Reset

The page was back to normal. It’s minor issue. But maybe it will help somebody from going crazy :)

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