Mayflower's Zend Framework Poster

Two or three weeks ago i was reading post from Bjoern Schotte. That the guys at Mayflower created a poster for Zend Framework. Seems they really love it there. And since i am a big fan myself. I send Bjoern an email to ask for an English version. If available. So some time passed. And i completely forgot about it. Until i came home yesterday and found my own personal copy of the Mayflower Zend Framework poster in the mail.


It’s a cool poster. All the most common used components are there. A nice reference to have. And a great piece of promotion material for the framework it self. Now i just need to find a good spot for it. It will be the second A0 poster hanging here. And probably not the last one. Since mister PHP security himself Stefan Esser from SektionEins is working on a PHP security poster. If you would like your own copy. Send Bjoern an email.

Thanks guys.

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