Web Trend Map 2009

A few days ago i received the latest version of the IA Trend Map. This year even the tube it was shipped in looks good! This years design is a landscape view. Which forces me to buy a new frame. But it’s worth it. Now only need to find a spot for it.

The map visualizes the main websites / companies based on a hand full of variables. Where height stands for the success rate and width for the stability. This all is spread on top of the Tokyo Metro Subway. The 13 subway lines reflect different web sectors in which the companies / websites opperate. A new addition to the map this year are the people behind the companies / websites. Which gives just that little bit of extra information.

The map depicts each website or company as a Tokyo station that corresponds in buzz, traffic, revenue, and age. The height of a station represents success, while its width indicates the stability of the domain.

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