PHP 5.3 Almost Ready for Release.

The long awaited 5.3 version is near it’s final stage. I’ve been really looking forward to this.

###### 1. July 24th - feature freeze COMPLETED
2. July 31st - alpha1 COMPLETED
3. September 2nd - alpha2 (freeze on August 29th, final packaging on September 1st) COMPLETED
4. December 4th - alpha3 (freeze on December 2nd, final packaging on December 3rd) COMPLETED
5. January 29th - beta1 (freeze on January 26th, final packaging on January 28th) COMPLETED
6. March 24th - RC1 (bug fixing until the 19th, with RM ok commits until 20nd, until 23rd build fixes only) COMPLETED
7. June 7th - RC2 (bug fixing until end of the 4th, after that only build fixes and README changes) COMPLETED
8. June 11th - RC3 COMPLETED
9. June 18th - RC4 COMPLETED
10. June 30th - stable
11. Continued RC releases in 2-4 week intervals
12. Stable release around Q2 2009
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