No Thunderbird Labels When Using Imap Over SSL

Last week i moved one of our domains to a new server. After syncing all the email between two servers i was happy i didn’t had any problems in the process. But a few days later one of the girls in the office noticed she can’t share labels anymore. This is a big problem since we have one mailbox that is shared over 4 people. When somebody works on a newly arrived mail they can tag it so the others can see it’s being worked on.

So after some hour of playing with settings i figured out the problem was SSL. If i disable SSL the labels come through normally. If i enable SSL no labels are being loaded. At this moment i am not sure if it’s a mail server issue, a mis configured SSL certificate or maybe a bug in Thunderbird. Will do some more research when i get back from my well deserved vacation.

There seems to be some sort of solution available in the form of an extension for Thunderbird. But it’s only available for v3 and up!

So the workaround for now is to disable SSL. I’m not to happy about it. But it will do for now.

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