Zend Server CE MyPHPAdmin Mysqli Not Loaded

The last time i installed Zend Server i did it from source. Now it was time for the Ubuntu package manager to do it for me. I’ll spare you the install process. Since it’s documented well by the Zend team.

After the install i walked through all pages of the ZS GUI. And all seemed to work great. So i checked the repository if there were anymore packages i could add to the ZS setup. And found the myphpadmin package. Just what i needed. And as i remember this was missing from the previous version. So i installed the package. And the GUI now showed a link to the phpmyadmin application. But when triggering the page i was confronted with an error message.


So mysqli was not loaded. Well that’s possible of course. But the repository showed it was installed. And so did the phpinfo() page.


So after looking around the config files for a while. It hit me. The ZS GUI is running on lighttpd and not apache. And just as i expected. Apache loaded the mysqli extension. But lighttpd didn’t.

A work around for this problem would be to leave of the :10081 port number in the GUI URL. So it points to Or add the extensions to the lighthttpd setup. But adding a single line to the php-fcgi.ini file.

$ vi /usr/local/zend/gui/lighttpd/etc/php-fcgi.ini $ extension=mysqli.so

This makes it possible to load phpmyadmin from the GUI. But the mysqli missing error is still displayed. So it’s probably better to load it over Apache. I tried to find a bug report link or something for the ZS project but couldn’t find any……

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