Move GNOME Panels in Ubuntu 9.04

Some days ago i updated my Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex to the new Jaunty Jackalope. Besides some minor glitches everything works smoothly. One small issue however annoyed me.

I always work with a dual monitor setup. And i like to have a GNOME panel on every screen. So normally i would just create a new panel and drag it to the second screen. This doesn’t seem to work anymore. Or maybe it’s just a bug. After some playing around with the panel settings i found a small work around.

So to add an extra panel to the desktop. Just right click on the main panel and choose “New Panel”.

This will create a new panel at the bottom of the screen. When you right click this panel and ask for the properties. You can change the way the panel behaves. The expand checkbox is selected by default. So just uncheck it. And the bottom panel shrinks. The bottom panel now has two dotted areas on the left and right sight of the panel. Clicking and holding down these areas makes it possible to drag the panel across screens.

When the panel is at the right location. Just drop it and check the expand box again. Which results to the image below.

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