Disable Skype Icons on a Website

My boss today showed me one of our websites. And the layout was not displayed how it should be. On my development station however there was no problem with viewing the same page. And my boss pointed me to the Skype icon on the contact page. Because he had Skype installed. And with the Skype toolbar for browsers enabled a small icon is inserted in pages that have data that looks like a phone number.


And although we all like Skype here. This is not what customers should see when they have Skype installed. My boss proposed to create an image instead of a text based phone number. This should work. But i did some Googling first. And found a post on the Skype website. There seems to be a meta tag that disabled the Skype icons from being displayed on a website. So that was an easy fix.


I think it’s great that the Skype people provide a way to disable the icons. But i would like to have a bit more control over this.

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