Search Indexing and Duplicate Content

Over the last few days i have been reading my mind dumb about SEO techniques. En specially how to eliminate duplicate content. For the main part this is all clear. And we succeed in implementing most SEO techniques without problems. One question however remains. Even after reading through Matt Cutts complete website :)

So maybe some bright mind could shed a light on the following situation.

We have two domains for example and Two separate domains that point to the same website. Just because people in Belgium would probably feel more confident buying something from a local website then one based in an other country. But the content under both domains is identical. The reason behind this is. In Belgium (.be) and The Netherlands (.nl) people speak Dutch. So there’s not really an option in providing content in a different language.

Now the question does Google or any other search engine see this as duplicate content? And if yes what can be done about it. My thought was to add 301 responses to the .be site and do everything over the .nl site. But this would render .be useless in my opinion.

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