Making Permanent Changes to resolv.conf Under Ubuntu.

At work we have a local dev box. This box is running Ubuntu 8.04 and some tools we need for developing. Nothing special. This box get’s it’s IP address from the DHCP server that runs on the router. And this caused some problems because we are running a local DNS server for the dev box. Mainly to use internal domains for testing.

To make this work we changed the resolv.conf to use the new local DNS server. This works fine wouldn’t it be for Ubuntu changing the file back to it’s original settings on every DHCP request. So every 900 sec the file gets overwritten. To solve this the first time i simply made the file read only. This however caused some problems with the DHCP client requesting an IP address over and over again. This caused the load on the dev box to rise….

Further inspection showed that it’s the dhclient-script the overwrites the resolv.conf file. I tried commenting out parts of the dhclient-script. But this just created more problems. So i did a search on the Ubuntu package list. And found a promising program called resolvconf. This program takes over from resolv.conf. And with this program installed it’s possible to make permanent changes without creating any problems.

After installing the package and doing a search for resolvconf. I found a directory in /etc which had a resolv.conf inside. This seemed to be the template used for overwriting the original resolv.conf. After changing this file all problems were resolved.


# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)


After googling some more. I think i found a better way to solve this problem. And probably the only way to solve this. No need to install any extra software. Just edit the dhclient config file.

change the following lines in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

supersede domain-name “” prepend domain-name-server,

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