A New Adventure Part II

This post is a recap of a post i made earlier this month. Normally i would leave it as it is. But i wasn’t really happy with the outcome. And it didn’t really reflect the current situation. So here goes.

As the technological challenge in my current day to day job started to decline. I started to think this was not the right position for me. So i decided it was time to search for something new. And at that time i could not find anything interesting that didn’t include relocating my self to an other part of this world. This left me with a hard choice to make. But i left AddMissions anyway. With a good feeling though. I had have a great year there. Now was just time for a change.

All that was about two months ago. And for the past time i have been doing some freelance projects to pay my bills. And although i enjoyed the time working from home. I feel it is time again to go and search for a new opportunity. I learned a lot from the past two months but freelance work is not something i tend to do full time. I need people around me. Even though i don’t talk that much while i work :)

I have some things cooking at the moment. Let’s see what the new year has to offer.

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