Getting Used to the New Office

Last week was the big move for us. We were first located on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. But it was getting to small for us. Besides we wanted to team up with some other smart people. So we decided for a bigger office. This time on the Herengracht in some old “grachtenpand”. Right in the center of Amsterdam. What a location. And i am not even speaking of the great nostalgic looks of the office i am in right now. I will try to post some images later this week.

It took us about a week to get ready in the new office. And not everything has it’s place yet. But that’s just a matter of time i guess. We are still waiting for a new fast Internet connection. So for the time being we are sharing a line with another office. This of course leads to some security issues. But we will manage until the new connection is delivered.

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